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What is the Best Way to Clean Carpets Professionally?

Carpet Cleaning

Every house owner focuses on house cleaning at the start of the spring season, and carpets are on top of the cleaning list. However, carpet cleaning isn’t only limited to the cleaning of stains or the removal of dirt from its surface. Cleaning a carpet improves its life span while keeping your home clean. This is why it is considered quite important. Most people think carpet should only be cleaned when it has visible stains. But you should go for carpet cleaning every year. For that, many different methods are used worldwide, all of which have certain advantages and disadvantages. This makes it tough for a person to choose who has no idea about carpet cleaning. Here’s an overview of five professional methods which are used by top-notch carpet cleaners to make your choice easier. 

1- Use of Absorbent Compounds

The carpet cleaning method in which absorbent compounds are used is often called the dry-cleaning method. In this method, these compounds or other fine solutions are made to attract dirt and other sources of dust from the carpet. Some companies for carpet cleaning use a mechanical brush to properly disperse the compound on the carpet so that it gets deeper into the fibers. While the compound settles on the carpet, it starts attracting dirt. Then, a commercial vacuum cleaner is used to remove the compound from the carpet. This method is perfect if you want cleaning done quickly by avoiding the carpet from getting wet. 

2- Hot Water Extraction Method

Hot water extraction, commonly known as the steam cleaning method, involves hot water applied on the carpet with high pressure. This loosens the dirt on the carpet fibers and eventually cleans them. However, some carpet cleaners in this technique apply a detergent to the soiled surface, agitating the carpet with a brush, and then rinsing. Once the cleaning agent loosens the dirt after being there for some time, a carpet washer is used to remove the cleaning agent completely. After that, the carpet is left to be dried at room temperature or the conditioning temperature. This process takes a considerable amount of time, and it takes further hours for the carpet to dry. Most cleaning companies recommend cleaning carpets in the late afternoon. This allows the carpet to dry overnight after cleaning, allowing normal office operations to carry on. 

3- Carpet Shampoo Procedure

Although this technique isn’t used much, it is still a method used by professional carpet cleaners. Carpet shampoo is a proper solution that is made by adding different detergents and absorbent compounds to clean the carpets. However, this method is said to have some drawbacks. Shampoo can leave residue behind, so you must properly rinse your carpet after applying the shampoo. This will reduce the feeling of stickiness on the carpet. This technique takes time and requires a lot of effort as you will have to apply and remove the solution yourself. On the other hand, it’s cheaper than the machines that require hot water extraction. 

4- Bonnet Cleaning Method

The above-mentioned professional carpet cleaning methods focus on deep cleaning, but bonnet cleaning focuses only on the surface of the carpet. The dirt, dust, and grime from the surface of the carpet are completely removed, providing a clean-looking carpet. This method is generally used in hotels and apartments where they need quick results. This is why bonnet cleaning is said to be the quickest and easiest method of carpet cleaning. Although it will make a difference in the appearance of your carpet, this method is not a permanent solution. Dirt on the bottom layer of the carpet will rise after some time. As a result, follow-up treatments are usually required earlier than the deep cleaning process.

5- Encapsulation

This is the most advanced technology which provides amazing results. Synthetic foam cleaners are used in this method and are incorporated into the carpet in brushing machines. After some time, the synthetic foam changes into power, encapsulating the dirt inside the carpet. After that, all the powder is removed from the dirt using a vacuum cleaner. Encapsulations are often preferred over carpet shampoos because they leave no residue, dry quickly, and require less water. However, carpets that are solid fibers aren’t suitable for encapsulation. 

Usually, the first thing anyone will notice when they walk inside a home or an office is the carpet. This is why you should take care of them and keep them clean all the time. Whether you want to use a dry or a wet cleaning method to clean your carpets, the choice is totally yours. However, it is better to do proper research before using the method of your choice. Once you are sure of a cleaning technique, you can get a clean carpet by preserving and extending its life.

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