Western Countries fashion from Formal life to party event

Western Countries fashion from Formal life to party event

Britain and America are both Western countries, both of them have their own fashion traditions and cultures, but since both countries are Western, they have some things in common, and their cultures and other differences. We will discuss all those things that are differ or similar in both countries in this article .We will take a detailed look at all these different items in this article , looking at their formal and casual wear and seasonal wear, as well as cultural influences and social factors, but with further explanations and examples in each area. Let’s start with our main topic.

Formal Wearing fashion in western Countries 

First of all, let’s talk about formal wear, in UK formal wear is more traditional, they use more suit, tie, dressing count and plain clothes more and more. For example, people in the British Parliament wear a formal suit and tie here, while British women here who comprise the Parliament generally wear pants suits etc. in formal attire. According to their social status.

While the concept of formal wear is very rare in America, they can wear any outfit on any occasion or generally wear simple and casual clothes such as denim jeans and fitted shirts. While American members of Congress typically wear suits and ties, they tend to use bold and contrasting colors, while business people here tend to be a little more flexible in formal attire. It is found that while the employees are there, they can also wear informal clothes like dress pants and kameez shalwar etc

Daily Wearing fashion in western countries

Casual clothing in Britain is often simple and casual, they mostly prefer to wear jeans, t-shirts and sweaters and try to look attractive. Also, people in the UK prefer to mix and match more because people here like to wear different brands in different styles and in different ways.

For everyday wear, Americans tend to choose casual and relaxed clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies. Along with this, caps and hats are also customary here. People here are often seen wearing caps and hats.

Seasonal Trends of Western Countries 

British people are mostly influenced by European fashion, rain boots are used more here because it rains a lot, while American people consider their fashion according to the weather conditions there and each region has its own style. While people here are seen wearing more t-shirts and jeans throughout the year. Combining all the states of America, it is a multicultural society due to which its fashions also Personal style. This distinction is made only on the basis of general observations and each individual can make his own personal choice or his own choice.

Cultural Influence

The culture of both countries here also plays an important role in the choice of fashion here, especially in terms of traditional and religious clothing, both countries are very positive.

Social class of western countries

Social class can also influence the choice of fashion in which rich people wear more expensive clothes while poor people wear proper clothes. They buy their clothes from the common market

Conclusion of fashion in Western Countries 

All the differences given above are based on general observations. We cannot say that the fashion of the people of Britain or America is better because both countries have different cultures and based on these cultures they have their own individuality and all these observations cannot only say how people are there because all people or each individual has a different way of expressing himself and each individual chooses clothes based on his own self. if you like this please say thanks to Rida Fatima.

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