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Trello vs Aha – Compare Differences & Reviews

Trello vs aha comparison

Trello vs Aha - Compare Differences & Reviews

This Trello VS Aha comparison article will cover their similarities and differences when it comes to idea management, cost, and integrations. It will also touch on their support sites, which offer an extensive knowledge base and dozens of searchable articles. The user community page is available to answer questions, although it’s not always active. Aha software also has ideas portal and lets you vote on ideas submitted by other users.

Product management

Despite their similar features, Trello and Aha have some important differences that will make your decision easier. Aha, for example, can be classified as a project management tool, but its features are far more advanced. While Trello organizes your projects into boards, Aha allows you to define individual items by “features,” dividing them into releases with their own columns. The latter has a good reputation among product managers for making it easier to plan and track projects.

GoodDay is free for small teams, but it requires a paid Enterprise plan for large companies. Aha! is a great tool for product managers who need to rally around roadmaps, shape vision, and align co-workers around goals. Its interface is clean and intuitive, but it requires a bit of acclimatization. If you’re not ready to make a purchase right away, you can try free trials of both apps to find out which one is best for your company.

Trello vs Aha in Idea management

The cloud-based collaboration tool Aha! delivers product and project management solutions. Its primary use is project portfolio management, and it is used by more than 150,000 companies worldwide. Its powerful roadmap creation feature helps product managers set strategies, engage teams, and create visual roadmaps for their projects. It also provides a simple interface for capturing team members’ ideas and letting them vote on them.

The features and benefits of both Trello and Aha! are nearly identical, and both works to support a variety of project management techniques. Trello software is a lightweight kanban-style task management system from Atlassian, and Aha! is an agile project management platform. Both systems have the ability to map records between each other. Users can map their Aha! workspace to a Trello board and vice versa, which is useful for projects where multiple users work together on a single task.


Using Zoho Flow to integrate Aha! and Trello can save you time and money by automating business workflows without writing a single line of code. This powerful service enables you to create and schedule actions with ease, and it supports multiple data formats, such as JSON, form data, and plain text. Users can even map records from one system to another. Here are some of the best ways to use Zoho Flow to integrate Trello and Aha!

Bidirectional integration: The integration between Aha! Roadmaps and Trello help improve team collaboration by enabling users to map Asana tasks to Aha! records. Users can also map custom and default fields from Asana to Trello lists. Once this process is complete, users can save their workflow. Once they’re done, they can specify how updates should be sent. The default setting is Automatically sent outgoing changes.


Both Trello and Aha offer collaboration features. Both are integrated with popular tools and services like Slack, Zapier, and Jira. Besides the usual list of features, both programs allow you to easily create multiple workspaces and task lists. With Trello, you can simply slide task cards and attach documents. Aha allows you to attach files and even add headings to your tasks. It also syncs with a variety of other programs and services, including Slack, TFS, and Vizzbuzz.

Savio and Aha both let you track customer feedback and triage it regularly. With Trello, you can choose a customer and assign a status to each feedback. Aha also has a feature request landing page where you can promote new ideas to a feature or put them on your roadmap. But Trello offers more features and is generally cheaper. If you’re a small business, Trello will be more than enough.

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